Can't Take the Heat

How Forecast-based Financing Transformed the Humanitarian System

July 07, 2020 Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre Season 1 Episode 2
Can't Take the Heat
How Forecast-based Financing Transformed the Humanitarian System
Show Notes

In this episode we discuss the ground-breaking work of one group of humanitarians determined to act early, before disasters happen. We follow the story of Forecast-based Financing (FBF) - a term that was coined at an Oktoberfest in 2012 - that eventually changes how the humanitarian world approaches disasters. Ten years ago humanitarian action meant responding to disasters, but now forecasts can be used to anticipate a potential disaster and act early to reduce its impacts. The episode follows the evolution of FBF from the first pilot projects in Uganda and Peru, to the current system which is supported by the government in Mongolia and Mongolia Red Cross. 

Dr. Thorsten Klose-Zuber of the German Red Cross tells us how FBF filled a major gap in available financing for anticipatory action. Dr. Liz Stephens shares how FBF presented a novel opportunity to directly apply forecasting science to save lives and what she learned in the process. Dr. Meghan Bailey talks about why the Mongolia FBF project is a model for the future of FBF. 

This podcast is written, edited and hosted by Roop Singh. Voices featured in this podcast include Dr. Thorsten Klose-Zuber, German Red Cross, Dr. Elisabeth Stephens, University of Reading and Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience (SHEAR), and Dr. Meghan Bailey, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre. 

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